defcon was canceled
def con 24 - las vegas, nv - ballys, indigo, suite 2605 - aug 4th through 7th
we are a group seeking cool people from all walks of life and of all skillsets and features.
find us, find a lonely hacker and bring them with you, and let's all have a great time.

wp 2016 badge info and source code, what exists of it
to hack on code, figure out how to import it into simplicity studio
you will need a j-link or efm32 stk or dvk to program our badge this year

wp dc23 badge source, v1.2
to work with the code, download psoc creator.
you will also need something like a psoc5 lp devkit, pioneer kit, or miniprog ($10-80)
to program only using uart bootloader, you will need a common ttl uart adapter ($cheap)

ask firmware questions on IRC. talk to us if you have patches / fixes.

@WhiskeyHackers | #pirateirc on freenode IRC | info at whiskeypirates dot com
BK hearts teh cawk