you all fucked it up
we try to host a nice chill area and provide
but we can't do it when people won't be chill.

linq, las vegas, nv - some time aug 2022
come find us - we hope to see you there

the whiskey pirates want to bring together cool people from all walks of life and with any background.
find us, find a lonely hacker down on the convention floor and bring them with you, and let's all have a great time.

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paypal (prefer ANY other money svc)
bitcoin cash / core 1PiRACY56tHRHhN3ewDsDVxJbFdEhc5Jyr
defcoin (wp fund) D9GeTq5aKM3des55Qorx54orBd9eQJwktr
other cryptocurrencies can be sent to the addresses listed here

@WhiskeyHackers | #pirateirc on libera IRC | also on discord | info at whiskeypirates dot com
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